And we begin from here..! Primo Maggio concert in Rome: Brother, the winners of 1M Europe contest, played in front of seven hundred thousand people. It was amazing and a great success for #1ME. We have to say thank you to PrimoMaggio production, iCompany, Ruvido Produzioni and to all the artists featured in the competition.

A special thanks to the 4 acts playing in Rome Final Award Night in ConteStaccio: Elena, Erica and MiraMundo, you are all talented and it was very difficult to decide between all of you. We did a long trip to find the winner but we are sure that the most important thing won: music!

This is the crazy #1MEUROPE trip on a mission to find the best artist all over Europe to play in this one-of-a-kind stage, so important in Italy.

Watch here their performance of Primo Maggio stage.

Final Award Night in ConteStaccio was talent drenched. 4 acts from different countries smashed that stage. You can see here all the performances:

Before Final Award Night we did selections in London, Brighton, Barcelona, Hamburg. We want to thank all the people featured in the management of #1ME, One More Lab, Your Music Booking, Your Live Streaming, Jar Live Events for UK, Italia.ES for Spain, Positivo Music Management for Germany. Thanks for your support and your hospitality. We found new friends and we’ll come back soon to see you.

From Hamburg selections we’d like to thank Elena (finalist in Rome) Palast, Armando Quattrone, Emma Longard, Nico Suave, JTH. It was cold and rainy but we found warmy hearts and amazing brand new music! We will come back Germany!

In London selections, we saw lots of artists and we’d like to thank Erica (finalist in Rome) Kumi and the Triumph of Love, Randolph Matthews, Bea Munro, Jo Jordan, The Long Highway, Axel Jansson, Kalon Rae, Ph-Arm, The Witching Season, 7he 7ouch, Manni and the Kul Kats, Jake Mills, Young Black Americans, Miceberg, Pink Hotel, Smooth Ends.

Now we arrive in Brighton. In this beautiful little city we found our winners. Thanks to all the artists featured in: Brother (#1ME winners), Frankie Furlow, Dakka Skanks, Isla, Blueberry Hill, Just Like Fruits.

Heading to Spain was fantastic. Sun, sea, music, Barcelona: a city made for art. We are looking forward to come back again. We’d like to thank all the artists on Razzmatazz stage: MiraMundo (finalist in Rome), Wolva, Giancarlo Arena, Alessio Arena, Dinatatak, DeLaFuria.

This was part of our amazing trip. We bring in our heart all the experiences, music performances, arts, new friends and heavy luggages, hope to departure again very soon to heading on 1M EUROPE 2018, because we are on a mission and we can’t stop now! We also would like to thank all the artists spending their time sending emails and music for online selections and all our staff answering artists and creating this magic with us. You can watch all the performances in each Nation at this link. You can email us at 1meuropecontest@gmail.com for any enquiries and info. Follow us on our Facebookpage. #1ME, music won!

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