Cecilia G is a singer, songwriter and actress from Italy. After graduating in jazz studies, she started out playing jazz and blues alongside working as an actress and writer. She started writing songs as a way to overcome the torments of life. The first song she ever wrote was about food. Yes. But she’s Italian, it makes sense. In 2014, she entered the magic doors of Abbey Road to meet Rob Cass who produces songs from this heavenly place. With Rob she started developing the edgy solo material that she had (she felt like a real woman by then), leaning towards a more popular sound. In October 2014 she released her first solo EP “The Funeral Of My Expectations”, winning several awards in the UK and America for her music video trilogy. Since then she’s been performing live with a wonderful band of international crazy musicians. Her new single is called “Maze Without Walls” and was recorded and produced with record label “The Animal Farm”. Now she signed with OML to realize her next singles.