Born in Brighton, the 4-piece rock band M I D L I G H T started as school friends with a shared love of music.

The reverb drenched guitar lines and lucid piano melodies combine to make a sound that can be described as ‘Alternative Rock’. George Ireland’s vocal lines are honest and inviting in their nature, while at times they take on an haunting, ethereal quality akin to that of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

George Ireland Vocals
A born artist, George is at the core of the band’s vision. His emotive songwriting is best displayed in ‘Want’.

Isaac Squires Guitar
Isaac is the founding member of the band, and a prolific producer of melodies on lead guitar. On ‘The Exhibition EP’, Isaac demonstrates arguably his best work on ‘Eli’.

Ollie Turvey Bass
As a multi-instrumentalist, Ollie adds a greater depth and raw ability to the band. Always calm and always busy, music makes up the fabric of Ollie’s life. He shows his musical past and potential in ‘Keeps Us Apart’.

Owen Beesley Drums
Owen is the band’s beat master. His wide ranging influences can be heard throughout ‘The Exhibition EP’, with the well thought-out, skilful, minimalist playing in ‘Eli’ being a highlight.

May 1st Festival performance: