“What love is all about” by SAMA is out on April 21, 2017 with a remix version by Jake Alder! World premiere on WONDERLAND | The soulful ode gets an electric makeover.


Up and coming London based producer Jake Alder has put his own stamp on Italian trio SAMA’s electro pop hit “What Is Love All About”, certifying it as a potential summer belter. Akin to the likes of Penguin Prison, Kygo and The Chainsmokers, Alder has reworked the vocal arrangements and instrumentation to create a slow sultry number, more akin to solitary late night drives rather than wild and woolly house parties.

The emotive soft dance sound of SAMA permeates the entire track lending both to Alder’s take on it but also to the lyrical motifs and subject matter. “‘What Love Is All About’ talks about the trials of finding a soul mate and the fact that even though you seem to have found it, in the end he/she proves to be a different person from the one you thought you knew, leading you to think you may never grasp the true meaning of the word ‘love’.” Poignant words indeed.

Both SAMA and Jake Alder look set to take the world by storm and you heard it here first folks!

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